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We at American Eagle Wealth Advisors offer a full range of products and services always within the context of our client-first commitment to service.

For many clients the Strategic Planning and Management Process can have a greater impact on a client's success in meeting their goals than any specific product that may be recommended.

The foundation for this whole process is discovering and understanding a client's core values, goals, needs, and resources.

Through the process we are able to gain a better and deeper understanding of our clients than perhaps any advisor has had before. It provides a solid foundation undergirding everything else we do for our clients as well as a benchmark for tracking the client's progress.

A brief description of how our products and services are interwoven with the Strategic Planning and Management Process follows:

Discovery and Investment Planning

Strategic Management Cycle: A Dynamic, Interactive Process

Fiduciary Insurance Audits And Reviews

Retirement and Financial Planning

Corporate Trustee

Charitable Giving



Alternative Investments

Business Services

Discovery: Getting to Know You, Your Values,
Goals, Dreams, and Financial Profile
And Investment Planning

  • Asset Allocation

  • Written Investment Plan

  • Individually Tailored Investment Management

Strategic Management Cycle: A Dynamic, Interactive Process

  • Portfolio Monitoring, Reporting, Adjusting

  • Active Coordination with Your Changing Financial Needs

  • Systematic Review of Your Most Important Financial Issues

  • Coordinate Your Investment, Retirement, Tax & Estate Planning with Your Attorney, CPA and other Advisors

  • Cash Flow, Lifestyle Expense Review

  • Banking, Mortgage, Credit Relationships Available

Perform Fiduciary Insurance Audits and Life, Long-term Care, Disability and P&C Insurance Reviews

The use of insurance products has played a major role in a great deal of personal, estate and business planning through the years.

Many insurance trusts have been established with family members or friends serving as trustees. Policies have been purchased and in the vast majority of cases not looked at for many years. Many trustees do not understand that they have a fiduciary responsibility to review products at regular intervals to see that they are performing as planned, let alone know how to fulfill that duty.

We offer our clients Fiduciary Insurance Audits when appropriate that help them fulfill this responsibility. In addition, periodically we review other types of insurance coverage to see that it is serving its purpose as originally planned or currently needed.

Retirement and Financial Planning

The world of retirement planning has changed dramatically from that of prior generations. Today people have to plan for a 30-40 year retirement in a period of an ever escalating cost of living and volatile markets. The same medical advances that give us better health and longer life bring with them increasing costs.

The great fear of many retirees is outliving their money.

Effective planning can address and minimize that risk. It requires careful analysis and a disciplined retirement income planning process. Providing these processes and services to our clients can increase their confidence in their financial future.

Corporate Trustee

Many people use trusts to address estate, special needs, asset protection, or other planning concerns. Frequently, family members or trusted friends are asked to serve as trustees. Often this subjects them to significant pressures, risks, and unhappiness since beneficiaries may not agree with decisions the trustee may make.

For example, if one adult child is the trustee for the parent's estate early sibling rivalries may re-emerge and conflicts may develop to the point of litigation if there is not total agreement about how the business of the trust is conducted.

These problems may be avoided or minimized by using a corporate trustee who serves as an impartial third party carrying out the trust's terms. The corporate trustee may serve as the sole trustee or as a co-trustee with a family member or friend.

This can provide a layer of impartiality and meet fiduciary standards that ensure the client’s wishes are carried out as expressed in the trust. Raymond James Trust can serve in this capacity at a reasonable cost on behalf of the trustee and beneficiaries in cooperation with the financial advisor.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving may spring from a simple charitable intent to complex tax management strategies. It can be as simple as making periodic donations to one’s favorite charity, church, college, etc. Or it can involve setting up a wide variety of entities, from Donor-Advised Funds to Family Foundations and everything in between.

We work with clients and their advisors to help clarify their charitable interests and to develop a charitable plan that is aligned with their goals, values, and their resources.


Clients frequently dislike insurance or at best consider it as a necessary evil.

However, insurance, properly tailored to a clients personal or business planning needs, can be one of the most helpful, flexible, and valuable planning tools available today.

We take the time to evaluate a client’s overall planning needs and goals, review their existing coverage and, if changes are warranted, help design insurance solutions that address their planning concerns.

Like any other financial product or service, insurance products need to be monitored on a regular basis. We conduct periodic insurance reviews to see that the clients existing coverage continues to efficiently provide the solutions it was intended to address and, equally important, that the need it is designed to meet continues to exist.

Types of insurance that may be helpful in managing a client’s risks include:

  • Life
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Key Person and Buy Sell Business Insurance
  • Property and Casualty


Many financial planning scenarios involve making investment recommendations along with implementing and monitoring those investments. The most common investment vehicles are stocks and bonds owned individually, collectively or in separately managed accounts.

Today there are a large number of alternative investment options that can be added to a portfolio to increase return, reduce risk, or some combination of the two.

More important than the individual securities selected is following a proven, disciplined investment process that reduces the role of emotion in the investment management process. See our complimentary White paper,"Creating Your Investment Plan."

By offering securities through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. we have access to the full spectrum of investment products clients may need. Raymond James' role is to provide the best products and services that our clients may need, and to make their intellectual capital available to us as together we seek the best planning and investment strategies and solutions for our clients.

Alternative Investments

A partial list of alternative investments that may complement a stock and bond portfolio include:

  • Managed Futures
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • Exchange Funds

  • Equipment Leasing
  • Structured Products
  • Private Placement Life Insurance

Business Services

Businesses often need a variety of financial services. These may include the installation and operation of qualified retirement plans, funding key man, buy/sell agreements and succession planning, etc.

We have found that leading the owners through our Strategic Planning and Management process is an excellent way to determine what kind of qualified retirement plan is best for their business, tax and personal planning needs. There is a wide variety of retirement plans from 401(k) plans to ESOPs. Selecting the one that best meets the business client's needs and goals can make a significant difference over time.

Our process can help clarify any other benefits, insurance products or planning needs that a business owner may want to provide. We work with their CPA, TPA and attorney to yield the best result for the client.

We invite you to take two steps.

First, see how we custom tailor our services to the individuals and families facing transitions in their lives through our Strategic Planning and Management Process.

Then, request a no-obligation Discovery Consultation to help you take greater control over your financial future by contacting us here.


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