Why Clients Turn To Us

Every individual and or family has a unique set of needs, goals and values. They come to us at different places in their life experiences. So, why they come will vary with each individual's need and circumstances. Typically, they come to us for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Help Clarifying and Achieving Goals
  • Simplifying Their Financial Lives
  • Outsourcing Financial Tasks Freeing Them for More Family or Professional Time
  • Our help as a "Thinking Partner" for Problem Solving
  • Coordinate Major Aspects of Financial Life
  • Help Adapting to Changing Business Needs

    Helping You Make Smart Decisions About Your Money

    Our Strategic Financial Planning And Management Process does not provide a cookie-cutter solution that is the same for everyone. The 5 Steps in this process lead to a comprehensive plan custom-tailored for each client. It provides a bridge from where you are today to what you want for tomorrow.

    Click here for more information about the financial planning process.

    Tapping the Resources of your
    Personal "Wealth Management Team"

    Small business owners, busy professionals and their spouses often struggle to balance personal and professional life. The result can be that some areas of their lives do not get the attention they deserve. Developing, implementing and maintaining financial plans that integrate their goals, values and resources often get neglected.

    Our process helps them address these concerns, organize and manage their financial lives. It is designed to help clients have the confidence that this vital part of their lives is being well managed. This can free them from worry about leaving important tasks undone.

    Receiving The Advantages Of "Institutional" Investing

    We often talk with people who are frustrated by dismal investment returns or have concerns about portfolio risks. Numerous studies (such as "Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior Report," 2010 Update, Dalbar, Inc.) show that, typically, individual investors significantly underperform both the market and institutional investors. (To discover more you can sign up above for our investment planning white paper)

    Why is that?

    Institutional investors hire consultants to develop their investment policies then hire best-of-class money managers to implement them.

    They also follow a disciplined investment planning process which most individual investors lack.

    We can fill that consulting role for our individual clients helping them implement an institutional-like process so they may experience institution-like results. Raymond James Asset Management Due Diligence Team helps us screen, monitor, and select appropriate managers for you. (To discover more you can sign up above for our investment planning white paper)

    Gaining A Coordinator To Take The Lead
    In Getting Your Key Advisors To Work Together

    One of the biggest frustrations for many investors is the lack of communication between their financial advisor and their other professionals such as their attorney or CPA.

    Through our wealth management process we consult with our client's other advisors. This process helps get each of a client's financial professionals looking at their whole picture, talking to each other, and exchanging ideas for the client’s benefit.

    Smoothing Life Transitions With Service
    That Puts The Client First

    We operate from a client-first tradition in every aspect of client service. We are genuinely interested in each client's well-being and in meeting their financial needs in a timely manner.

    Our goal is to help our clients feel more confident in their financial future when we are watching out for them under a "recurring cycle of care." The key to this high level of personal service is our commitment to limit the number of select clients we work with.

    Profiting From Independent Advice

    You receive objective advice that's in your best interest. As independent advisors, we can address the clients' tough challenges with sound, unbiased advice. We have no vested interests and no proprietary products to sell.

    In addition, American Eagle Wealth Advisors bring with them the worldwide resources of the solid, highly rated, and respected Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. Significantly, Raymond James has not suffered from the current financial and economic turmoil.

    If you are interested in financial advisors who understand the transitions in your life,

    If you would like advisors who concentrate on taking extra care to ease you through your new and sometimes puzzling situations,

    If you are looking for help to make sound decisions about your future through a Strategic Financial Planning and Management Process,

    Then, American Eagle Wealth Advisors is your answer. For more information you can send an email to Ed.Dower@aewealthadvisors.com. Or you can call Ed at


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